We are librarians. We enjoy cake. But as an alternative to cake camp we're suggesting a savoury library camp. Record and discuss your lunch dish here.
Tea, coffee, and water will be provided at the venue.

Sorry - there are no facilities available to reheat food at Senate House.
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Roast pepper salad (@tomroper) [NB is there any way to reheat stuff, or is it cold only]
Tortilla, ie. Spanish egg and potato omelette. Vegetarian (contains eggs and milk). (@preater)
Tabbouleh ie herby bulgar wheat salad. Vegetarian and vegan. (@siobhantthomas)
Sesame noodle salad with vegetables. Vegetarian and vegan. (@spoontragedy)
Seasoned sausage meat wrapped in light pastry. Not just any old sausage rolls.... (@ggnewed)
Sundried-tomato, chorizo and pistachio (savoury) loaf cake (@ecschlackman)
Tomato&Olives AND Rosemary focaccia. Vegetarian (@MariaCentrone)
Cheese and caraway scones / straws @schopflin
Orzo, artichoke and feta salad with a lemon and basil dressing (vegetarian) @ellekaypea
Sweet potato pecan casserole. (@Sonja_Kujansuu)
Chicken couscous salad with piri piri sauce (@KathrynGerrard)
Spinach & Feta Filo Pie (@Philippa_Rose_)
Librarians' Tipsy Cake (vegetarian, made with genuine gin). Because we need something for sweet-toothed people! (@MyWeeklyBook)
Beetroot with goats cheese & roast garlic. Vegetarian if I remember to check the cheese. Gluten-free. Nut free. (@girlinthe)
Red-cabbage salad. Vegan, nut-free, gluten-free. (@girlinthe)
Greek pasta salad (gluten-free) (@ellyob)
Roasted red pepper, shallot and mozarella tart (@ellyob)
Snacks (nuts, crisps, crackers) - vegan (@brynolf)
Potato salad. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free (@spiky7)
Tuna mayonaise sandwiches on wholemeal - nut-free, pescetarian (@VLParkinson)
Greek salad - green salad, roast chicken pieces, feta cheese and black olives.(@Librarygirl12)
pesto pinwheels and tortellini salad (@ltulip)
Cheese, and a bit more cheese (@isis_k_)
Roasted vegetable couscous (vegan), brie & grapes (@archelina)
A couple of big bags of crisps, because every buffet lunch needs some (@cathrynlol)
bombay mix and savoury papri gathia (@annmarielee66)
Breads, biscuits, hummus, "hot party sticks" (=hot pickles on sticks!) (@amycrossmenzies)
Cheese and spinach quiche - vegetarian (@Annie_Bob)
Libcamp carrot cupcakes - breaking all the rules! (@maisoonie)
Banana cake w/ walnuts, hazelnuts, dried cranberries - sorry not the infamous liberry vodka banana cake, that was for NLD13 celebrations only! (@librarian)
Cinnamon cakes (with a hint of ginger)- I'd like to break the rules too! (@evarol)