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Please share links to your write-ups, blog posts, Storifys, and any media such as session audio recordings and photographs about Library Camp London

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Photos of Library Camp London on Flickr from Sue Lawson.
Library Camp London 2013 set on Flickr from Claire Back.
Library Camp London (libcampldn) set on Flickr from Andrew Preater.
All pics tagged libcampldn on flickr
Sound files courtesy of Terence Eden on Terence Has a Blog, includes audio of sessions on Overdrive DRM hacking, Comics, Hidden Collections, Code Clubs in Libraries and Open Source.
Shane Dillon's Crowdstatus Twitter list

All the things

Bookmarks tagged #libcampldn on Pinboard

Hidden Collections session (Katie Birkwood @girlinthe)
After the session, Mike Mertens from RLUK (author of the report, @RLUK_Mike) asked via Twitter that anyone, from any sort of library, who has ideas for how RLUK can help with this problem should please get in touch with him with their ideas.

Overdrive DRM is Broken

Listen now! Terence Eden (@edent) demonstrates how to get the DRM off Overdrive books from your library. Listen to the demo and the following debate on the audio file.

Design Your Own LIS Qualification with #uklibchat

Session facilitated by the @uklibchat team

Librarians and Personality

Write up of the session by Andrew Preater.

Creative CPD session

Write up from @KrisWJ (includes a write up of the Design Your Own LIS Qualification session too)
Write up by @ellyob (based on the notes written by the three break-out groups)

The role of the library assistant

Write up of this session (PDF) by Cathryn:

General blog posts

Brief write-up of the event by Gary Green.
Overview blog post by @lawsonstu
Librarycamp London 2013 by @archelina
Dipping into the stream: Library Camp London 2013 by @Ciamur
Library Camp London by @ellyob
This one time at Library Camp…. by annmarielee66
Practical suggestions for running your own Library Camp by Andrew Preater.
What I learned from organizing an unconference by Andrew Preater.
Library Camp London 2013 by Sarah Wolfenden
Lib Camp London 2013 by @CuriosityLines